Welcome to Red Creek Cottage

Red Creek Cottage sits at the base of a heavily-wooded hill just 50 feet from the lake’s edge. With 210 feet of unobstructed lake views in front of you, the picturesque Red Creek to your left and a natural shale beach, you will find true relaxation at our lovely secluded cottage.

Quiet and private on a heavily wooded lot, this lake house with a boathouse is a classic, well-maintained and immaculate three-bedroom cottage level with the shore of Seneca Lake, set back less than 50 feet from the shore.

The cottage offers a full unobstructed view of the lake from the living room, kitchen and dining area. This lake house has a natural shale beach, a large parking area, both shallow and deep water for swimming, and a railroad tie breakwall.

With the lake in front, the woods behind the cottage and the stream that extends back 300 feet along a gully, you will enjoy peace and quiet and the feeling of being surrounded by nature.

Facing east, the front yard stays sunny through the late afternoon, but you can also sit in the shade of our many mature trees (a large willow, maples, firs, birches, a redbud and others). From noon onward the cottage is cooled by the shade of the woods and cliffs, and all day by the steady breeze off the lake.

About Seneca Lake

The second deepest lake east of the Mississippi as measured by its depth below sea level, Seneca is over 600 feet deep and three miles across out in front of our cottage. (Right in front of our cottage it is shallow a long way out, great for young children.)

At 38 miles long, Seneca Lake is the second longest of the Finger Lakes, perfect for power-boating, fishing, sailing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailboarding, and other water sports.