General Information

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  • Bed linens, blankets, towels, washcloths, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, napkins, sponges, kitchen towels, dishwashing liquid are provided.
  • The cottage has one bathroom downstairs with a shower.
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Please separate recyclables (paper, cans, and bottles). The trash and recycling will be removed after you leave.
  • Recreational equipment
  • A large picnic table seating 8, a patio dining table and chairs seating 6 with umbrella, and several lounge chairs
  • Gas barbeque grill with fuel, and grill for cooking over the fire circle
  • Two kayaks and two canoes (one canoe can use oars) and an inflatable boat
  • Life Jackets
    • 2 toddlers (1 pink, 1 blue)
    • 3 children
    • 2 small adults
    • 7 adult sizes ranging from medium to extra large
  • First-aid kit and directions to the local hospital are provided.
  • Information on local attractions, maps and directions, plus many books about the area are also available.


Size of Your Group: Because of the limitations of the septic system, the size of the living room and kitchen, and out of consideration for the neighbors, we limit the number of overnight guests to 8.  View our floor plans.

Age: You must be 25 years of age or older to rent this property.

Smoking: Vaping or smoking of any kind is prohibited.

Pets: Because of allergies, we cannot allow pets.

Quiet Hours: We ask that for the sake of the neighbors that you please observe quiet hours between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. The neighbors are not that close, compared to some cottages, but we’d like to continue the informal tradition along our stretch of the lake of respecting each other’s need for quiet.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Unfortunately, the cottage is not accessible for people in wheelchairs, or for people with limited mobility. There is a bridge to negotiate over the creek as well as stairs leading to the front door.


The cottage includes a washer and dryer. Because we use a septic system, we ask that you use the washer only once during your stay if you are here for a week, and not at all during shorter stays. The cleaning crew will use it quite a lot after you leave, so we don’t want to overload the system. The dryer can be used any time.

Fire Pit & Fireplace

The fireplace inside is decorative only, but does feature an electric heat insert. The wood and kindling outside are for the fire pit; starter sticks are provided.

Sleeping Accommodations

The cottage has a bedroom downstairs with a king-sized bed and the front upstairs bedroom has one king and one twin bed.  The back upstairs bedroom has three twin sized beds. View our floor plans.

A pack-n-play is available for children.  More Information for Parents.


There is a large shale beach, made even bigger lately by shale pushed out into the lake by the stream. Shale is flat rocks of various sizes, and can be slippery, or sharp if they are turned on their side. Because of that, and the zebra mussels, we reccomend swim shoes.

The shale from the streambed has, over time, created a large shallow area that extends about 50 feet out into the lake. It’s perfect for wading and little kids’ swimming. More Information for Parents.

Like nearly every cottage in the Finger Lakes, we do have Asian millfoil, a non-native water weed, growing in the deeper water in front of the cottage July through the fall, which makes swimming in the deeper water more unpleasant. Unfortunately it’s a problem in all of the lakes at this time. All of our renters have enjoyed the lake and the water, however, and kids can get plenty wet in the shallow areas without the weeds. Older kids can also take an inflatable boat beyond the weeds and swim off of that.

Although we do provide bath towels, please bring your own beach towels for swimming.


Anyone over the age of 14 must have a fishing license, even if just fishing off the break wall. The license is available to purchase online at The fine for not having a license is considerable. Renters must have their own license.

The Creek

Red Creek Cottage was named for the mysterious red moss that grows on the large pieces of shale in the streambed. In dryer weather, go for a walk way up to the stream bed through the woods (just watch out for heavy rain storms–the streambed can fill quickly with water).

Originally the cottage had a solid railroad tie bridge that could be driven over. One year, heavy rains in the middle of the night pushed so much shale down the streambed that the old bridge plugged up with shale and water was forced over the lawn, even over the front steps. Huge rocks were left all over the yard, like a moonscape. After the lawn was repaired, the railroad ties were replaced with the drawbridge.  The drawbridge was replaced with a permanent bridge in 2020. DO NOT DRIVE OVER THE BRIDGE.